DOI Data Dictionary, 2015-03-23
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A message term for doi:kernelMetadata.
A complex element describing a name or title by which a creation is known.
Comments The distinction between 'name' and 'title' is a matter of convention: published creations such as books, serials, CDs, DVDs or broadcast programmes normally have 'titles', but other creations such as websites or datasets more commonly have 'names'. There is no functional difference.
Component Structure
Components Name Description of Element Role Cardinality Data Type
    primaryLanguage The primary language in which the creationName is expressed. 0-1 Language (xs:language)
    XmlSequence 1  
      value The text string representing the value of the creationName. 1 String (xs:string)
      subnameValue A text string representing a subname or subtitle which accompanies the creationName. 0-1 String (xs:string)
      type The type of the creationName. 1 doiavs:creationNameType
Is Member of Composites Composite Name Description of Element Role Cardinality  
  doi:linkedCreation A name or title by which the linkedCreation is known. 0-n  
  doi:referentCreation A name or title by which the referentCreation is known. 1-n  
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