DOI Data Dictionary, 2015-03-23
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A message term for doi:kernelMetadata.
Allowed values for roles played by a Creation in relation to another Creation.
Comments This is an open set. Other values may be registered with the IDF by any Registration Authority.
AVS Members AlternateContent A SupplementalResource in an AudioVisual Creation which is synchronized to the original Creation (for example, an alternate audio track or camera angle).
  Chapter A Chapter of the linked Creation (that is, a formal subdivision of lexical Creation).
  Clip A short excerpt of a longer Audio or AudioVisual Creation, often made for promotional or preview purposes but which may also be made available commercially.
  CueSheet A Cue Sheet for the linked Creation (that is, a metadata file identifying Creations (typically music) which are included in a TVProgramme, CD, DVD or other Audio or AudioVisual Creation).
  Derivation A Creation made, in whole or part, from the linked Creation. Derivation is the most general term to cover all forms of adaptation, versioning, performing, fixing and abstracting of one Creation from another, and can be used when the specific type of derived relationship is undefined or unclear.
  Edit A recorded Performance of a Film or other AudioVisual Creation. A Creation playing the role of Edit always has the structuralType of 'Performance'.
  Edition A published version of a textual or visual Creation in which some of the original form and/or content has been re-ordered, changed or omitted.
  Episode An Episode of a linked Creation (that is, a Part of a Series broadcast as a single complete programme).
  Fixation A persistent Manifestation of the linked Creation. Fixations include all types of digital files or physical carriers on or in which content is fixed by digital or analogue methods.
  IsSameAs A Creation that is the same as the linked Creation.
  Part A Creation that is part of (that is, wholly contained within) the linked Creation (for example, an illustration within a book, a volume of an encyclopaedia).
  Performance A Performance of the linked Creation (for example, a recorded performance of a musical work).
  PromotionalResource A Creation which promotes the use of the linked Creation.
  Season A Season of the linked Series.
  SharesContent A Creation that shares some content with the linked Creation (for example, two books which have common Chapters, or a TV show that contains an excerpt of a Film).
  SupplementalResource A Creation which accompanies the linked Creation (this includes, for example, all kinds of preface or epilogue in a textual Creation, or trailers or outtakes in an Audiovisual Creation).
  TakesContent A Creation that contains content coming from one or more places in the linked Creation (for example, a text which contains some paragraphs from a pre-existing text). The content may or may not be identified as a distinct Part.
  Translation A Translation of the linked Creation (that is, whose words are expressed in a different language from its Source).
  Undefined A Creation with a relationship with the linked Creation which is unknown or not covered by the available options.
  Version A Version of the linked Creation (that is, a version which updates and replaces the previous version).
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