DOI Data Dictionary, 2015-03-23
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A message term for doi:kernelMetadata.
Allowed Values for types of Creation.
Comments This is an open set. Other values may be registered with the IDF by any Registration Authority.
AVS Members Article A non-fictional text in prose form (typically between a few paragraphs and a few pages in length) included with others in a Publication to provide information and/or opinion.
  Blog A blog (weblog) on a website.
  BlogEntry An entry in a Blog.
  Book A non serial Creation, capable of being expressed in printed form with multiple bound pages and covers, published with a distinct Title and not as part of another Publication unless it is set of similar Resources. A DOI applied at this level may refer to a Book which appears in physical, digital and audio forms.
  BookChapter A Chapter of a Book.
  BookSeries A Series of Books.
  Chapter A formal subdivision of a lexical Creation.
  ClinicalTrialProtocol A chronological Report on a series of events which is a part of a clinical trial.
  Clip A short excerpt of a longer Audio or AudioVisual Creation, often made for promotional or preview purposes but which may also be made available commercially.
  ConferenceProceedings A Publication consisting of contributions presented at a conference.
  ConferenceProceedingsSeries A Series of ConferenceProceedings.
  CoursePack A collection of journal articles, BookChapters and/or other components making up reading materials for an academic course.
  CrystalStructure A Dataset describing the structure of a crystal.
  CueSheet A metadata file identifying Creations (typically music) which are included in a TVProgramme, CD, DVD or other Audio or AudioVisual Creation.
  Dataset A Set of numeric and related data (typically associated with scientific research).
  DictionaryEntry An entry in a dictionary.
  Ebook A Book published in downloadable digital form.
  EncyclopaediaEntry An entry in an encyclopaedia.
  Figure An image, table or other graphical feature which is an integral part of a lexical work.
  Film An AudioVisual Creation, normally of at least 40 minutes duration, first played in a movie theatre (in the US) or a cinema (in most of the rest of the world), or released directly to video.
  InteractiveResource A Visual Creation not intended to be viewed in linear fashion (for example, DVD menus, interactive TV overlays, customized players).
  Journal A Periodical principally consisting of Articles contributed by expert authors, with a specific theme, subject area and target audience, normally of a scholarly, scientific and/or technical nature.
  JournalArticle An Article in a Journal.
  JournalIssue A collection of Articles published together in one or more fixations representing a single issue of a Journal. Typically a journal issue will be identified with a specific date of publication.
  JournalVolume A numbered Set of JournalIssues, normally representing the issues published in a specific period such as a calendar year.
  LearningObject A Resource for use in teaching and learning.
  MedicalCaseReport A Report on a medical case.
  MovingImage A moving Image.
  Periodical A Serial whose issues normally are published at regular intervals.
  PrintedBook A Book published in printed form.
  Report A lexical Creation containing statements about event(s) or state(s) in the past or present.
  ReportChapter A Chapter of a Report.
  ReportSeries A Series of Reports.
  Restricted A Creation identified within a restricted DOI Application Profile for which kernel metadata values are not generally available.
  Season A sub-grouping of an Audio or AudioVisual Series.
  Serial A Creation whose parts are published sequentially in time.
  SerialIssue A collection of Articles published together in one or more fixations representing a single issue of a Serial. Typically a serial issue will be identified with a specific date of publication.
  Series A Set of related Creations published sequentially, typically under some common Name.
  ShortFilm A complete AudioVisual Creation (that is, not a Clip or Excerpt), of no more than 40 minutes duration, that was not made for television.
  Standard A formal standard adopted by ISO or another recognized standards body.
  StandardSeries A Series of Standards.
  StillImage A still Image.
  SupplementalResource A Creation which accompanies another Creation (this includes, for example, all kinds of preface or epilogue in a textual Creation, or trailers or outtakes in an Audiovisual Creation).
  Thesis A lexical Creation written for the attainment of a degree or award from an academic institution.
  TvProgramme An AudioVisual Creation made for, or first broadcast on, television.
  WebResource A Creation made for, or first published on, the World Wide Web.
  Website A website.
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