DOI Data Dictionary, 2015-03-23
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A message term for doi:kernelMetadata.
A Resource made, directly or indirectly, by one or more human beings.
Parents Resource An Entity in a Context playing a role other than that of Time or Place.
Children Abstraction A Creation which exists as a concept and is recognised only through one more more physical, digital or spatio-temporal Manifestations.
  Audio A Creation which is intended to be listened to.
  AudioVisual A Creation which is intended to be looked at and listened to.
  Book A non serial Creation, capable of being expressed in printed form with multiple bound pages and covers, published with a distinct Title and not as part of another Publication unless it is set of similar Resources. A DOI applied at this level may refer to a Book which appears in physical, digital and audio forms.
  Dataset A Set of numeric and related data (typically associated with scientific research).
  Derivation A Creation made, in whole or part, from one or more existing Creations.
  IsSameAs A Creation that is the same as another Creation.
  Language A Creation whose content is expressed in human or machine-readable Language.
  LearningObject A Resource for use in teaching and learning.
  LinkedCreation A Creation with which a Creation is associated.
  Manifestation A perceivable Creation that is a realization of an Abstraction.
  Music A Creation whose content is expressed in musical notes.
  Other A Creation whose content is expressed in a form other than Language, Music, or Image.
  Part A Part of a Creation.
  Physical A Creation which is expressed in physical form.
  PromotionalResource A Creation which promotes the use of another Creation.
  Publication A Creation made available for access.
  ReferentCreation A Creation identified by a DoiName.
  Season A sub-grouping of an Audio or AudioVisual Series.
  Series A Set of related Creations published sequentially, typically under some common Name.
  SharesContent A Creation that shares some content with another Creation (for example, two books which have common Chapters, or a TV show that contains an excerpt of a Film).
  Standard A formal standard adopted by ISO or another recognized standards body.
  SupplementalResource A Creation which accompanies another Creation (this includes, for example, all kinds of preface or epilogue in a textual Creation, or trailers or outtakes in an Audiovisual Creation).
  TakesContent A Creation that contains content coming from one or more places in another Creation (for example, a text which contains some paragraphs from a pre-existing text). The content may or may not be identified as a distinct Part.
  Undefined A Creation with a relationship with another Creation which is unknown or not covered by the available options.
  Visual A Creation which is intended to be looked at.
  WebResource A Creation made for, or first published on, the World Wide Web.
Belongs to AVS doiavs:primaryReferentType Allowed values for the primary type of a referent.
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