DOI Data Dictionary, 2015-03-23
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A message term for doi:kernelMetadata.
An individual human being, real or imaginary, or an imaginary Party attributed with characteristics of a human being (for example, Homer Simpson, Mickey Mouse).
Comments Individuals may be real, legendary or imaginary, and do not need to be biologically unique. Personas adopted for artistic or other purposes may be referenced with DOIs as unique individuals. For example, the authors 'Ellis Peters' 'John Redfern' 'Jolyon Carr' and 'Peter Benedict' may be identified as a unique parties distinct from the person 'Edith Pargeter', for whom they are all pen-name pseudonyms. 'Mickey Mouse' may be identified as an individual for the purpose of unique identification as a performer in a creation, or 'Borat' or 'Hamlet' for the identification of a character depicted in a fictional work.
Parents Party An individual person, animal or organization capable of acting, or being perceived to act, as an agent.
Children MarriagePartner An Individual who is married to another Individual.
  Parent An Individual who is the parent of another Individual.
  Sibling An Individual who is a brother or sister of another Individual.
Belongs to AVS doiavs:partyStructuralType Allowed values for the primary type of a referent.
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