DOI Data Dictionary, 2015-03-23
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A message term for doi:kernelMetadata.
A Creation whose content is expressed in human or machine-readable Language.
Synonym(s) LexicalCreation
Parents Creation A Resource made, directly or indirectly, by one or more human beings.
Children Article A non-fictional text in prose form (typically between a few paragraphs and a few pages in length) included with others in a Publication to provide information and/or opinion.
  Blog A blog (weblog) on a website.
  CueSheet A metadata file identifying Creations (typically music) which are included in a TVProgramme, CD, DVD or other Audio or AudioVisual Creation.
  LexicalPublication A lexical Publication.
  LexicalSet A Set of lexical Creations.
  Report A lexical Creation containing statements about event(s) or state(s) in the past or present.
  Thesis A lexical Creation written for the attainment of a degree or award from an academic institution.
  Translation A Creation whose words are expressed in a different Language from its source.
Belongs to AVS doiavs:character Allowed values for the types of character in which the content of a referentCreation may be expressed.
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