DOI Data Dictionary, 2015-03-23
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A message term for doi:kernelMetadata.
A Creation which is expressed in a transient form.
Comments A performance describes a 'spatio-temporal' creation, such as a speech, a play or the playing of a piece of music. It may be recorded for reproduction, but the creation itself is only perceivable in transient form.
Parents Manifestation A perceivable Creation that is a realization of an Abstraction.
Children Edit A recorded Performance of a Film or other AudioVisual Creation. A Creation playing the role of Edit always has the structuralType of 'Performance'.
Belongs to AVS doiavs:creationStructuralType Allowed values for a structuralType of a Creation.
  doiavs:creationToCreationLinkRole Allowed values for roles played by a Creation in relation to another Creation.
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