DOI Data Dictionary, 2015-03-23
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AbbreviatedName     MT     A shortened form of a Name (which may be an acronym, in whole or in part) by which an entity is known.
AbbreviatedTitle     MT     A Title which is a shortened form of another Title.
Abstraction     MT     A Creation which exists as a concept and is recognised only through one more more physical, digital or spatio-temporal Manifestations.
Actor     MT     A Performer of spoken (and sometimes silent) dramatic roles.
iso3166a2:AD     MT     Andorra.
Ad-ID     MT     An Ad-ID, a 12-character identifier used by the advertising industry for identifying advertising assets, described at
iso3166a2:AE     MT     The United Arab Emirates.
iso3166a2:AF     MT     Afghanistan.
After     MT     The Relator between a time and another after which the first occurs.
iso3166a2:AG     MT     Antigua and Barbuda.
Agent     MT     A Resource which is a cause of an Event.
doiavs:agentRole     MT     Allowed values for roles played by a party as an agent of a Creation.
iso3166a2:AI     MT     Anguilla.
iso3166a2:AL     MT     Albania.
AlternateContent     MT     A SupplementalResource in an AudioVisual Creation which is synchronized to the original Creation (for example, an alternate audio track or camera angle).
iso3166a2:AM     MT     Armenia.
AMG     MT     An All Media Guide Identifier, an identifier for entities (artists, music, etc.) in the AMG database now maintained by Rovi.
iso3166a2:AN     MT     Netherlands Antilles.
Animal     MT     A non-human animal.
Annotation     MT     An utterance which provides descriptive or other information or opinion about an Entity.
iso3166a2:AO     MT     Angola.
application/rdf+xml     MT     A label for the term ApplicationRDFXML
application/xml     MT     A label for the term ApplicationXML
ApplicationRDFXML     MT     application/rdf+xml
ApplicationXML     MT     application/xml
iso3166a2:AQ     MT     Antarctica.
iso3166a2:AR     MT     Argentina.
Article     MT     A non-fictional text in prose form (typically between a few paragraphs and a few pages in length) included with others in a Publication to provide information and/or opinion.
iso3166a2:AS     MT     American Samoa.
doiavs:associatedPartyRole     MT     Allowed values for a role associated with a party.
iso3166a2:AT     MT     Austria.
iso3166a2:AU     MT     Australia.
Audio     MT     A Creation which is intended to be listened to.
AudioVisual     MT     A Creation which is intended to be looked at and listened to.
AudioVisualWork     MT     An AudioVisual Abstraction.
Author     MT     A Creator of a lexical work (words).
iso3166a2:AW     MT     Aruba.
iso3166a2:AX     MT     Åland Islands.
iso3166a2:AZ     MT     Azerbaijan.
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