DOI Data Dictionary, 2015-03-23
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iso3166a2:BA     MT     Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Baseline     MT     A Baseline Identifier, a 7-digit identifier for audiovisual works.
iso3166a2:BB     MT     Barbados.
iso3166a2:BD     MT     Bangladesh.
iso3166a2:BE     MT     Belgium.
Before     MT     The Relator between a time and another before which the first occurs.
iso3166a2:BF     MT     Burkina.
iso3166a2:BG     MT     Bulgaria.
iso3166a2:BH     MT     Bahrain.
iso3166a2:BI     MT     Burundi.
iso3166a2:BJ     MT     Benin.
iso3166a2:BL     MT     Saint Barth√©lemy.
Blog     MT     A blog (weblog) on a website.
BlogEntry     MT     An entry in a Blog.
iso3166a2:BM     MT     Bermuda.
iso3166a2:BN     MT     Brunei.
iso3166a2:BO     MT     Bolivia.
Book     MT     A non serial Creation, capable of being expressed in printed form with multiple bound pages and covers, published with a distinct Title and not as part of another Publication unless it is set of similar Resources. A DOI applied at this level may refer to a Book which appears in physical, digital and audio forms.
BookChapter     MT     A Chapter of a Book.
BookPublisher     MT     A Publisher of Books.
BookSeries     MT     A Series of Books.
iso3166a2:BR     MT     Brazil.
iso3166a2:BS     MT     The Bahamas.
iso3166a2:BT     MT     Bhutan.
iso3166a2:BV     MT     Bouvet Island.
iso3166a2:BW     MT     Botswana.
iso3166a2:BY     MT     Belarus.
iso3166a2:BZ     MT     Belize.
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