DOI Data Dictionary, 2015-03-23
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iso3166a2:CA     MT     Canada.
iso3166a2:CC     MT     Cocos Islands.
iso3166a2:CD     MT     The Democratic Republic of the Congo.
iso3166a2:CF     MT     The Central African Republic.
iso3166a2:CG     MT     The Congo.
iso3166a2:CH     MT     Switzerland.
Chapter     MT     A formal subdivision of a lexical Creation.
doiavs:character     MT     Allowed values for the types of character in which the content of a referentCreation may be expressed.
iso3166a2:CI     MT     Côte d'Ivoire.
cIDF     MT     A Content ID Forum Identifier (version 2.0 rev 1.1), specified at
Circa     MT     The Relator between a time and another to which it approximates.
iso3166a2:CK     MT     Cook Islands.
iso3166a2:CL     MT     Chile.
Class     MT     A role which an Entity plays in every context in which it is identified.
ClinicalTrialProtocol     MT     A chronological Report on a series of events which is a part of a clinical trial.
Clip     MT     A short excerpt of a longer Audio or AudioVisual Creation, often made for promotional or preview purposes but which may also be made available commercially.
iso3166a2:CM     MT     Cameroon.
iso3166a2:CN     MT     China.
iso3166a2:CO     MT     Colombia.
Composer     MT     A Creator of a musical work.
ConferenceProceedings     MT     A Publication consisting of contributions presented at a conference.
ConferenceProceedingsSeries     MT     A Series of ConferenceProceedings.
Context     MT     An intersection of Time and Place in which Entities may play roles.
CorporateCreator     MT     An Organization credited as a Creator of a Creation.
CorporateSubsidiary     MT     An Organization which is a subsidiary of another Organization.
CoursePack     MT     A collection of journal articles, BookChapters and/or other components making up reading materials for an academic course.
iso3166a2:CR     MT     Costa Rica.
Creation     MT     A Resource made, directly or indirectly, by one or more human beings.
doi:creationIdentifier     MT     A complex element describing an identifier used to identify a creation. An identifier is a type of name of which each instance is unique of its type: for example , the ISBN '9780946014491' belongs to only one book.
CreationIdentifier     MT     An identifier used to identify a Creation.
doi:creationIdentifierType     MT     A complex element describing the type of an identifier used to identify a creation.
doiavs:creationIdentifierType     MT     Allowed values for types of creationIdentifier.
doi:creationName     MT     A complex element describing a name or title by which a creation is known.
CreationName     MT     A Name or Title by which a Creation is known.
doiavs:creationNameType     MT     Allowed Values for types of creationName.
doiavs:creationStructuralType     MT     Allowed values for a structuralType of a Creation.
doiavs:creationToCreationLinkRole     MT     Allowed values for roles played by a Creation in relation to another Creation.
doiavs:creationType     MT     Allowed Values for types of Creation.
Creator     MT     A creator of a Creation.
CRID     MT     A Content Reference Identifier, an URI for content created by the TV-Anytime forum and described in RFC 4078.
CrystalStructure     MT     A Dataset describing the structure of a crystal.
CSH     MT     A label for the term Czechoslovakia
CSHH     MT     A label for the term Czechoslovakia
CSXX     MT     A label for the term SerbiaAndMontenegro
iso3166a2:CU     MT     Cuba.
CueSheet     MT     A metadata file identifying Creations (typically music) which are included in a TVProgramme, CD, DVD or other Audio or AudioVisual Creation.
iso3166a2:CV     MT     Cape Verde.
iso3166a2:CX     MT     Christmas Island.
iso3166a2:CY     MT     Cyprus.
iso3166a2:CZ     MT     The Czech Republic.
Czechoslovakia     MT     Czechoslovakia.Czechoslovakia.
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