DOI Data Dictionary, 2015-03-23
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EAN13     MT     An International Article Number (formerly European Article Number), a 13-digit identifier for products.
Ebook     MT     A Book published in downloadable digital form.
iso3166a2:EC     MT     Ecuador.
Edit     MT     A recorded Performance of a Film or other AudioVisual Creation. A Creation playing the role of Edit always has the structuralType of 'Performance'.
Edition     MT     A published version of a textual or visual Creation in which some of the original form and/or content has been re-ordered, changed or omitted.
EditionNumber     MT     An Identifier of a Creation which denotes its edition.
iso3166a2:EE     MT     Estonia.
iso3166a2:EG     MT     Egypt.
iso3166a2:EH     MT     Western Sahara.
EidrContentID     MT     An EIDR ID which identifies a Creation.
EidrID     MT     A DOI Name issued under the authority of the Entertainment Identifier Registry.
EidrPartyID     MT     An EIDR ID which identifies a Party.
EIDRPartyID     MT     A label for the term EidrPartyID
EncyclopaediaEntry     MT     An entry in an encyclopaedia.
Entity     MT     Something that may be represented by a Name.
Episode     MT     An Episode of a linked Creation (that is, a Part of a Series broadcast as a single complete programme).
iso3166a2:ER     MT     Eritrea.
iso3166a2:ES     MT     Spain.
iso3166a2:ET     MT     Ethiopia.
Event     MT     A Context in, or as a result of, which there is some change in the attributes of an Entity.
Excerpt     MT     A Creation which is made by taking a part from an existing Creation.
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