DOI Data Dictionary, 2015-03-23
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iso3166a2:FI     MT     Finland.
Figure     MT     An image, table or other graphical feature which is an integral part of a lexical work.
Film     MT     An AudioVisual Creation, normally of at least 40 minutes duration, first played in a movie theatre (in the US) or a cinema (in most of the rest of the world), or released directly to video.
Fixation     MT     A persistent Manifestation.
iso3166a2:FJ     MT     Fiji.
iso3166a2:FK     MT     Falkland Islands.
iso3166a2:FM     MT     Micronesia.
iso3166a2:FO     MT     Faroe Islands.
FormerName     MT     A Name by which an Entity was previously known.
FormerTitle     MT     A Title by which a Creation was once known.
iso3166a2:FR     MT     France.
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