DOI Data Dictionary, 2015-03-23
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iso3166a2:GA     MT     Gabon.
iso3166a2:GB     MT     The United Kingdom.
iso3166a2:GD     MT     Grenada.
iso3166a2:GE     MT     Georgia.
GermanDemocraticRepublic     MT     German Democratic Republic.German Democratic Republic.
iso3166a2:GF     MT     French Guiana.
iso3166a2:GG     MT     Guernsey.
iso3166a2:GH     MT     Ghana.
iso3166a2:GI     MT     Gibraltar.
iso3166a2:GL     MT     Greenland.
iso3166a2:GM     MT     The Gambia.
iso3166a2:GN     MT     Guinea.
GoverningParty     MT     A Party ultimately responsible for issuing an Identifier.
iso3166a2:GP     MT     Guadeloupe.
iso3166a2:GQ     MT     Equatorial Guinea.
iso3166a2:GR     MT     Greece.
GRid     MT     A Global Release Identifier, an 18-character identifier for releases of music over electronic networks as defined by IFPI.
iso3166a2:GS     MT     South Georgia and The South Sandwich Islands.
iso3166a2:GT     MT     Guatemala.
iso3166a2:GU     MT     Guam.
iso3166a2:GW     MT     Guinea-Bissau.
iso3166a2:GY     MT     Guyana.
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