DOI Data Dictionary, 2015-03-23
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iso3166a2:JE     MT     Jersey.
iso3166a2:JM     MT     Jamaica.
iso3166a2:JO     MT     Jordan.
Journal     MT     A Periodical principally consisting of Articles contributed by expert authors, with a specific theme, subject area and target audience, normally of a scholarly, scientific and/or technical nature.
JournalArticle     MT     An Article in a Journal.
JournalIssue     MT     A collection of Articles published together in one or more fixations representing a single issue of a Journal. Typically a journal issue will be identified with a specific date of publication.
JournalPublisher     MT     A Publisher of Journals.
JournalVolume     MT     A numbered Set of JournalIssues, normally representing the issues published in a specific period such as a calendar year.
iso3166a2:JP     MT     Japan.
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