DOI Data Dictionary, 2015-03-23
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iso3166a2:MA     MT     Morocco.
Manifestation     MT     A perceivable Creation that is a realization of an Abstraction.
MarriagePartner     MT     An Individual who is married to another Individual.
iso3166a2:MC     MT     Monaco.
iso3166a2:MD     MT     Moldova.
iso3166a2:ME     MT     Montenegro.
MedicalCaseReport     MT     A Report on a medical case.
Member     MT     A Party which is a member of an Organization.
iso3166a2:MF     MT     Saint Martin.
iso3166a2:MG     MT     Madagascar.
iso3166a2:MH     MT     The Marshall Islands.
iso3166a2:MK     MT     Macedonia.
iso3166a2:ML     MT     Mali.
iso3166a2:MM     MT     Myanmar.
iso3166a2:MN     MT     Mongolia.
iso3166a2:MO     MT     Macao.
doiavs:mode     MT     Allowed values for sensory modes with which a Creation is intended to be perceived.
MovingImage     MT     A moving Image.
iso3166a2:MP     MT     Northern Mariana Islands.
iso3166a2:MQ     MT     Martinique.
iso3166a2:MR     MT     Mauritania.
iso3166a2:MS     MT     Montserrat.
iso3166a2:MT     MT     Malta.
iso3166a2:MU     MT     Mauritius.
Music     MT     A Creation whose content is expressed in musical notes.
MUZE     MT     A MUZE Identifier, an 8-character identifier for music songs in the MUZE database now maintained by Rovi.
iso3166a2:MV     MT     Maldives.
iso3166a2:MW     MT     Malawi.
iso3166a2:MX     MT     Mexico.
iso3166a2:MY     MT     Malaysia.
iso3166a2:MZ     MT     Mozambique.
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