DOI Data Dictionary, 2015-03-23
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iso3166a2:PA     MT     Panama.
PageNumber     MT     A SequenceIdentifier identifying a page, e.g. in a book or in a journal.
Parent     MT     An Individual who is the parent of another Individual.
Part     MT     A Part of a Creation.
Party     MT     An individual person, animal or organization capable of acting, or being perceived to act, as an agent.
doi:partyIdentifier     MT     A complex element describing an identifier used to identify a party.
PartyIdentifier     MT     An Identifier used to identify a party.
doiavs:partyIdentifierType     MT     Allowed values for types of partyIdentifier.
doi:partyName     MT     A complex element describing a name by which a party is known.
PartyName     MT     A Name by which a Party is known.
doiavs:partyNameType     MT     Allowed values for types of partyName.
doiavs:partyStructuralType     MT     Allowed values for the primary type of a referent.
doiavs:partyToPartyLinkRole     MT     Allowed values for a role which one party plays in a link to another party. Where roles have complementary pairs (for example, parent-child or member-memberOrganization) only one of these is included in this list, and this role should be associated in the linkedParty element with the appropriate party.
iso3166a2:PE     MT     Peru.
Performance     MT     A Creation which is expressed in a transient form.
Performer     MT     A Creator who participates in a Performance.
Period     MT     A Time represented as a range between two other Times (with measurable duration, unlike a Timepoint).
Periodical     MT     A Serial whose issues normally are published at regular intervals.
iso3166a2:PF     MT     French Polynesia.
iso3166a2:PG     MT     Papua New Guinea.
iso3166a2:PH     MT     The Philippines.
Physical     MT     A Creation which is expressed in physical form.
PII     MT     A Publisher Item Identifier, a 17-character identifier based on ISSN and ISBN that is used commonly by publishers for journal articles.
iso3166a2:PK     MT     Pakistan.
iso3166a2:PL     MT     Poland.
Place     MT     A point or portion of three-dimensional or virtual space.
iso3166a2:PM     MT     Saint Pierre and Miquelon.
iso3166a2:PN     MT     Pitcairn.
iso3166a2:PR     MT     Puerto Rico.
doiavs:primaryReferentType     MT     Allowed values for the primary type of a referent.
doi:principalAgent     MT     A complex element describing a party principally responsible for the creation or publication of a referent. Either a 'partyName' or a 'partyIdentifier' element must be present.
PrincipalAgent     MT     A Party principally responsible for the Creation or publication of a referent.
PrincipalName     MT     The Name by which an Entity is principally known.
Printed     MT     A Creation expressed in printed form.
PrintedBook     MT     A Book published in printed form.
PromotionalResource     MT     A Creation which promotes the use of another Creation.
ProprietaryIdentifier     MT     An Identifier from a scheme which is proprietary to a particular party.
iso3166a2:PS     MT     The Occupied Palestinian Territory.
iso3166a2:PT     MT     Portugal.
Publication     MT     A Creation made available for access.
Publisher     MT     A Party making a Creation available to the public.
iso3166a2:PW     MT     Palau.
iso3166a2:PY     MT     Paraguay.
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