DOI Data Dictionary, 2015-03-23
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iso3166a2:SA     MT     Saudi Arabia.
iso3166a2:SB     MT     Solomon Islands.
iso3166a2:SC     MT     Seychelles.
SCG     MT     A label for the term SerbiaAndMontenegro
iso3166a2:SD     MT     The Sudan.
iso3166a2:SE     MT     Sweden.
Season     MT     A sub-grouping of an Audio or AudioVisual Series.
doi:sequenceIdentifier     MT     A complex element describing an identifier used to identify the order of a relationship between two entities.
SequenceIdentifier     MT     An Identifier of the order in which an coa:Entity appears within a list.
doi:sequenceIdentifierType     MT     A complex element describing the type of an identifier used to identify the order of a relationship between two entities.
doiavs:sequenceIdentifierType     MT     Allowed values for types of sequenceIdentifier.
SerbiaAndMontenegro     MT     Serbia and Montenegro.Serbia and Montenegro.
Serial     MT     A Creation whose parts are published sequentially in time.
SerialIssue     MT     A collection of Articles published together in one or more fixations representing a single issue of a Serial. Typically a serial issue will be identified with a specific date of publication.
Series     MT     A Set of related Creations published sequentially, typically under some common Name.
Set     MT     A Resource that is an enumerated group of Entities.
iso3166a2:SG     MT     Singapore.
iso3166a2:SH     MT     Saint Helena.
SharesContent     MT     A Creation that shares some content with another Creation (for example, two books which have common Chapters, or a TV show that contains an excerpt of a Film).
ShortFilm     MT     A complete AudioVisual Creation (that is, not a Clip or Excerpt), of no more than 40 minutes duration, that was not made for television.
iso3166a2:SI     MT     Slovenia.
Sibling     MT     An Individual who is a brother or sister of another Individual.
iso3166a2:SJ     MT     Svalbard and Jan Mayen.
iso3166a2:SK     MT     Slovakia.
iso3166a2:SL     MT     Sierra Leone.
iso3166a2:SM     MT     San Marino.
SMPTE-UMID     MT     A Unique Material Identifier, a 32-byte identifier for audiovisual Creations as defined in SMPTE 330M-2004.
iso3166a2:SN     MT     Senegal.
iso3166a2:SO     MT     Somalia.
iso3166a2:SR     MT     Suriname.
iso3166a2:ST     MT     Sao Tome and Principe.
Standard     MT     A formal standard adopted by ISO or another recognized standards body.
StandardSeries     MT     A Series of Standards.
State     MT     A Context in, or as a result of, which there is no change in the attributes of an Entity.
StillImage     MT     A still Image.
xs:string     MT    
SU     MT     A label for the term USSR
SubName     MT     An additional Name which is supplementary to another Name.
SUHH     MT     A label for the term USSR
SupplementalResource     MT     A Creation which accompanies another Creation (this includes, for example, all kinds of preface or epilogue in a textual Creation, or trailers or outtakes in an Audiovisual Creation).
iso3166a2:SV     MT     El Salvador.
iso3166a2:SY     MT     Syria.
Synonym     MT     A Name by which an Entity is also known.
iso3166a2:SZ     MT     Swaziland.
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