DOI Data Dictionary, 2015-03-23
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TakesContent     MT     A Creation that contains content coming from one or more places in another Creation (for example, a text which contains some paragraphs from a pre-existing text). The content may or may not be identified as a distinct Part.
Tangible     MT     A Creation which is intended to be touched.
Tasteable     MT     A Creation which is intended to be tasted.
iso3166a2:TC     MT     Turks and Caicos Islands.
iso3166a2:TD     MT     Chad.
term     MT     A term in the IDF Data Dictionary.
Territory     MT     A large LocalizablePlace whose spatial co-ordinates are determined by law or other formal social convention.
doiavs:territoryCode     MT     Allowed values for Territories not included in the ISO 3166-1 list.
iso3166a2:TerritoryCode     MT     An ISO 3166-1 two-letter code representing a Territory.
text/html     MT     A label for the term TextHTML
text/xml     MT     A label for the term TextXML
TextHTML     MT     text/html
TextXML     MT     text/xml
iso3166a2:TF     MT     The French Southern Territories.
iso3166a2:TG     MT     Togo.
iso3166a2:TH     MT     Thailand.
Thesis     MT     A lexical Creation written for the attainment of a degree or award from an academic institution.
Time     MT     A point or portion of linear time.
Timepoint     MT     A Time represented as a single point in time (as opposed to a Period with a start Time and end Time).
doiavs:timeProximity     MT     Allowed values for the proximity of a declared time to the actual time referenced. A null value indicates that the date is accurate.
Title     MT     A Title of a Creation.
iso3166a2:TJ     MT     Tajikistan.
iso3166a2:TK     MT     Tokelau.
iso3166a2:TL     MT     Timor-Leste.
iso3166a2:TM     MT     Turkmenistan.
iso3166a2:TN     MT     Tunisia.
iso3166a2:TO     MT     Tonga.
iso3166a2:TR     MT     Turkey.
TranslatedTitle     MT     A Title which is a translation of another Title.
Translation     MT     A Creation whose words are expressed in a different Language from its source.
TRIB     MT     A Tribune Media Services Unique ID, a 14-character identifier for audiovisual works.
iso3166a2:TT     MT     Trinidad and Tobago.
iso3166a2:TV     MT     Tuvalu.
TVG     MT     A TV Guide Identifier, a 6-digit identifier for televised audiovisual works.
TvProgramme     MT     An AudioVisual Creation made for, or first broadcast on, television.
iso3166a2:TW     MT     Taiwan.
Type     MT     A Class whose members are themselves Classes.
iso3166a2:TZ     MT     Tanzania.
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