DOI Data Dictionary, 2015-03-23
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iso3166a2:VA     MT     The Holy See.
iso3166a2:VC     MT     Saint Vincent and The Grenadines.
VD     MT     A label for the term Vietnam
VDVN     MT     A label for the term Vietnam
iso3166a2:VE     MT     Venezuela.
Version     MT     A revised version which updates and therefore replaces the previous version of the Creation.
iso3166a2:VG     MT     British Virgin Islands.
iso3166a2:VI     MT     US Virgin Islands.
VideoServiceProvider     MT     A party providing scheduled or on-demand video services (for example, audiovisual content delivered through tv, satellite, cable or internet media).
Vietnam     MT     Vietnam, Democratic Republic of.Vietnam, Democratic Republic of.
VirtualPlace     MT     A non-localizable Place with a unique Identifier which may be occupied by Resources which are perceivable using technology.
Visual     MT     A Creation which is intended to be looked at.
VisualFixation     MT     A Visual Fixation.
iso3166a2:VN     MT     Viet Nam.
iso3166a2:VU     MT     Vanuatu.
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